The Cloisters

It was more on a whim. I was just planning to only attend the Medieval Event at Fort Tryon Park, but the Cloisters‘ stone walls and narrow windows drew me closer.

Admission amount was based on donations, so I only paid a dollar.

Entering through these walls was magnificent. Designed around the early 20th century, the cloisters was an imitation of mostly Spaniard architecture with its enclosed gardens and towering walls.

Every section was breath taking. And I found myself admiring the simple garden with its thick trees at the corners and a goblet like water fountain in the center, where the symmetrical arch walls enclosed all around.

Along with the garden, the cloisters housed wooden carvings, featuring Biblical figures and the famous Unicorn Tapestry, which tells a tragic story and alludes to the life of Jesus Christ.

The cloisters’ walls and arch way windows continued to impress me even as I walked away.


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