Hanging Out with the Happy Drunks

I was taking photos of the terrain and these guys wanted to be in it. So, I let them and this is what happened. 😉

“We want corn dogs. We want corn dogs!” chanted the crowd in front of the kitchen.

Two security guards blocked the entrance. Soon a lady entered from the kitchen, holding a tray of corn dogs – hot dogs covered in battered flour.

And the riot began.

Women shoved in front of women. Men over extended their arms, capturing two or three corn dogs.

It was madness.

Well, that must have been expected when these beer paramoures had food craving hours later after drinking…

This was my first-time experience at NY Tap Fest. Usually, when I hear the words “beer” and “festival,” I’d imagine a mosh pit of brawls.

However, it was the opposite. Men were smiling and laughing and even permitting me to pass or holding the doors open. Overall, everyone was merry.

Some of the friendly beer brewers.

Besides the corn dog riots and lively drunks, mini shops, such as organic made foods, soaps, sweat shirts, barbecue sauce, covered the festival as well.

Hand-made bubble soap.

All in all, the NY Tap Fest provides unlimited samples of brews ranging from sweet to sour to strong to spicy flavors with All-American Food, of course.

The festival welcomes eating, boozing, and socializing.

Selfie - with my friend who has an awesome smile. ^^
Cliche selfie. 😛 Hanging with my friend who has an awesome smile.

*Additionally, since I’m doing the 100 Strangers Project, the following strangers have agreed to have their photos taken:

The Bus Driver: Stranger  11. While he was telling me that the bus was available to board, I felt compelled to ask to photograph him. He raised his eyebrows and gladly agreed. Afterwards, he extended his hand out and introduced himself as “Ferrin.”
Stranger 12: One of the Beer Brewers and she was the first one to hand me a sample of her company’s beer.
The Sweater Man: Stranger 13.  “Sorry. I had a rough day yesterday,” he said when he misunderstood my question whether he accepted credit cards or not. I forgot that the mountain ranges of New York are colder than the city and the island. So, he helped me find a warm and comfy sweater. And he even gave me a $5 discount.
The Pet Treats’ Couple: Strangers 14.  As with most conventions and fairs, there are always vendors selling food products for pets. This couple were selling doggie and kitty beer as well. They were cheerful and attentive to our questions about their products. All of them were organic. In the end, I bought their dried sweet potatoes for dogs.
The Nuts’ Man: Stranger 15.                                                 
“Albany is a skater’s town,” he said after I asked him where he was from.
“Oh, but I thought that’s where the government is,” I replied.
“Oh, no, we took it over.”
He was selling pecans, almonds, and other nuts coated in sugar. He was pretty chill.

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