Fun at Fleet Week 2018


I had the most splendid time meeting the armed members of the Marines and the Navy! It was my third time yet it was just fun for me to be all giddy around men in uniform.

Fleet Week in New York is when the armed service members of the Navy and Marines enter through the city and give the public a free tour of their equipment and even who they are.

usmarinespearmanbetter3Here I was checking out this weaponry all awkwardly.

“How’s it goin’?” said the Marine as he came over and showed me the dials and the overall function of this rocket. He was pretty chill, answering my random questions. He owned a Canon Camera, too.

firstsailor1This was the first sailor that I met on board the ship and whom shook my hand. He has been serving for over two years now.

Thank you for allowing us to interact with your vehicles, weapons, and getting to talk to you. And, most of all, thank you so much for your services, too! 😀


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