Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

About a week ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore NorCal and visit family. The following are just my thoughts and experiences while visiting these places just for the day:


Oakland sort of had that SoCal vibe with its towering palm trees, beach-like fronts, and bright skies.

My brother and I stumbled upon this garage like cafe or rather hipster coffee place. Two baristas both male, tall, and somewhat lanky both took orders and made coffee from various flavors.

“Excuse me… can I take your order?”

I was standing away from the the coffee line, gazing at this towering, bark like ceiling yet this barista politely asked if I wanted anything.

Outside of the cafe, construction workers tilled the road with their large cranes and construction signs. A couple of buildings appeared abandoned and boarded up while a lone train dropped off people of varying attires from sweats to business suits.


The dry grass dunes loomed overhead along with the sun’s beams as my cousin and I drove through the windy roads leading toward Yosemite National Park.

After checking in with the forest rangers at the booth, it felt like another hour just to get out. But, in retrospect, it was worth the extended drive.

Nationalities from various countries in Asia and Europe gathered around, exploring with their expensive camera gear or just with their wooden and plastic walking sticks.

While in the bus shuttle that circulated through twenty stops, we were crammed in together, hearing the French younglings shouting or just the whispering of some family from a Scandinavian country.

It was amazing how such a park brought travelers from across the globe together.

On one of the stops, at the Native American section, I met a man of Native American descent. He showed me a rock made of obsidian and a cool trick with a rope.

The afternoon sunset truly enhanced this experience with its golden rays pouring onto the redwood trees and mountain ranges.


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