Exploring NorCal: San Francisco

I was not aware of a San Francisco’s geography until I got there. Since it was situated on gigantic hills, it was much chillier than its neighboring cities.

Since I was visiting the city in August, the current attire at that time was both fascinating and amusing.

Natives and even visitors wore ski-resort like jackets and some wore wool hats. Some braced themselves as if blizzard winds just might sweep them away. While I had battled through New York’s harshest winter weather over the years, their perception of “cold” was a totally different perspective of what people from other parts of the country considered “cold.”

San Francisco’s summers or warm weather begins throughout September to October.

While in this city, the sky above was foggy and a bit misty. Yet it didn’t stop the drove of tourists from driving through the streets of the pride flags or overlooking the city from a super steep hill.

A family just cruising through the streets in mini-yellow-mobiles.

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