Exploring NorCal: San José, Merced, & Modesto


Ceres/Modesto is just a typical town with the usual gas stations and convenient stores. There is definitely an in-n-out.

My cousins and I drove to this red Taco Truck, which served super delicious and fresh burritos.

Two benches stood right next to the truck and the cooks and the owner knew the regular customers by name.

There was also a delicious chocolate franchise store called See’s. The ladies there also offer free samples.

Although, their chocolate cost way more than a pack of Hershey Bars, it’s definitely worth buying a box there.

San José

I only spent a couple of hours inSan José at night. My brother made the long hour drive here just to pick me up.

There was a slight breeze yet some women wore sweaters. We entered this popular burger joint called In-n-Out. It was where all the youngsters of what seemed like from any American young culture hanged out.

My brother ordered a “healthy” burger, which included the traditional lettuce, tomato, meat patty, onions – just minus the bun.

Two officers, muscled up, stood behind me on the line, waiting to order, too.I guess they were letting the doughnut-loving stereotyping die hard. ;P

Overall, San José seemed like a young and bright city. I would explore it further.


Merced is an up and coming town and it is definitely quieter at night than its neighboring cities.

My cousins and I drove to this Bubble Tea joint. The place was plastered in this translucent white – from the tables and chairs. It was spotless of dirt and debris. The owner was an older lady who was shy of photos while the workers were college age students.

There was a surrounding college, so this city may grow quite urban.


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