2018: Thai Faire

One of the ladies at the Faire who sold custard.

The Thai Faire is a yearly and sometimes a bi-yearly event near my home. It was situated right outside of the temple on the lawn.

When we got there, the Faire was already packed with kids jumping on the playgrounds and just swarms of people eating sausage or sticky rice from bamboo shoots or just drinking Bubble Tea at the vendors.

The vendors were friendly with their smiles and attentiveness to even those just standing around.

One of the monks just chilling outside. Definitely had to get his photo!

A live band was playing around under a white tent filled with chairs.

I went with my good friend and we ended up buying skirts and cool, funky pants.

Overall, this was an opportunity to taste Thai food, explore the culture, and just have a great time!

One of the vendors selling Thai wear. She was super friendly and showed me how to put on this ropy pants, especially since I tried to put in like a diaper, haha. 

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