2018: At the Shinnecock Pow Wow

A guy dressed as a Native American Warrior from an unknown tribe. People were flocking toward him like he was some god. He charged $5 for a photo. But this was the best $5 I’ve ever paid! 🙂

The Shinnecock Pow Wow is a yearly event on Long Island where Native American Tribes from across the United States come together here for song and dance.

A place where family and friends can just relax.

It was my first year coming to this event. And it felt like some sort of Woodstock Revival. People had their lawn chairs around this huge stage. Some people were strolling around on the grass just eating, laughing, or even drinking. A few people were dancing. It just seemed pretty chillax.

One of the many friendly vendors. He guessed correctly that I was Filipina. 😉

All across the yard were vendors selling tee shirts, jewelry, wooden weapons, and other merchandise.

And if you don’t like Porta Potties, be sure to use the bathroom before hand or hold onto your bladder. 😉


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