Glacier Hiking

Our team of hikers which were mainly couples! One was from the United States and the rest was from Australia.

Oh, wow! I had the unexpected and awesome opportunity to travel to Iceland several days ago. My brother’s friend was supposed to accompany him, but he ended up bailing out due to the impending Hurricane Florence.

Anyway, so this was a spur of the moment. My older brother and I ended up accompanying our younger brother to Iceland.

I had zero-expectations of Iceland. I just figured it was all ice, haha, or just that ice palace in James Bond’s Die Another Day. (Oh, how naive I was!)

Our tour guide Adam who was from the UK. He was 23 and straight out of uni. He was super friendly and passionate about the glaciers. He offered me his rain jacket when it started pouring and  he made sure my brother’s clampers were secure a few times. Also, he made sure that we were altogether and in good spirits! Gosh, I could write a whole essay on him, haha.

So, when our plane landed there and in my half-awake state, the eternal blue sky greeted me. I was so impressed by the rolling hills and plains and mountains in the background.

The main capital Reykjavik was quite plain if you compared it to the cities of New York and Paris, yet it was super clean and the locals were accommodating to tourists.

So, since we spent about only three days in this amazing country, we got to go glacier hiking.

If you’re a hiking pro, this feat should be a piece of cake! (Speaking of cake – I can really go for a 7-inch vanilla cake right about now…)

Looks like the backdrop of any intergalactic Sci-Fi movie. 😛

The only difference between hiking on a soil, rocky terrain vs a glacier is that all hikers need to wear clampers, which are these claw-like shoes, that you attach to your hiking boots. When you walk with clampers, this footwear tracks onto the glacier and provides stability.

Some hikers brought their DSLrs and I don’t see why you couldn’t bring a tripod along, too.

In the month of September, besides the the eternal blue skies, it rained a couple of times. So, I would advise bringing a rain jacket and definitely some sunscreen since Iceland weather can change drastically by the hour. (My tour guide Adam was kind and offered me his rain jacket.)

Also, I fell on butt a couple of times due to my incorrect way of walking, but otherwise climbing glaciers is like walking on another planet. It’s truly a breath taking experience both figuratively and literally. 😛

Lastly, you can check out my review and other reviews on Trip Advisor for more info! 


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