2018: City of Reykjavik

An advance selfie of me, hehe.

Reykjavik (I think I finally spelled it correctly, haha!) is the capital and the most populous city in all of Iceland.

Yet, it has the Main Street, homey feel. It’s not quite as large as say if you compare it to New York or Paris or Tokyo. It’s mostly a modernized structure. The buildings are very minimalist and definitely not flashy. Streets are clean!

But, what I like about it is its many cafes! Goodness there is free water pitchers with glass cups for everyone! You don’t even have to pay, which is awesome.

Kind of reminded me of Port Jefferson back at home.

The water in all of Iceland is free and absolutely clean and delicious!

Now that I look back at my short time in the city, which was about several hours (I was half awake for some of it), it seems that stores don’t open until later in the day, like after 11 AM. And the locals are used to tourists, so they usually smile slightly at you if you’re passing by.


A stray kitty I found wandering the street. It allowed me to pet it.

It’s definitely more lively at night and it even looks magical at night, too.

Overall, just one special day in that city is all you need. 🙂


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