2018: Alpaca Farm

Sometime around early October of 2018, my friends and I drove to an Alpaca Farm called Faraway Farms Alpacas in upstate New York.

An older couple owns this warm along with Icelandic Horses.

When we arrived, this whole farm was situated on a hill and we had to park our car on a slope. And we were brought inside this gated fenced. From there, it was amazing to see these gentle, fury creatures hanging about under a tree. Some of them were quite social and walked over to us and even sat down so we were able to feel their soft fur.

Afterwards, the couple led us to their little shop which contained photos of the Alpacas, stuffed animals, clothes and more!

This is definitely worth the visit if you can’t make a flight to the Alpacas’ native lands in South America. Click this sentence for more info!


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