2018: Exploring the Met

I like knights’ butts and I cannot lie.

Woo! I had the awesome opportunity about a week ago to visit the Met Fifth Avenue. I only had about thirty minutes to explore this place, yet this wasn’t the first time I visited.

Anyway, below this paragraph, I’m just providing my general tips/thoughts on exploring this wonderful museum:

A Brief Look at What’s Inside

  • A plethora of art from all across the globe from
    • Ancient Egyptian to Ancient Greece
    • Renaissance Arts
    • Japanese Scrolls and Paintings
    • African Carvings and Statues
    • Medieval Art
    • South American Art
    • Islamic Art
    • And much more! There’s new exhibits every year.

Admission Costs

  • For New Yorkers, New Jeresians, students from CT: y’all can pay a suggested donation
    • Since I’m always on a budget, I only paid a $1 (haha) and I even rolled it up to make it look like I’m some high-roller (haha).
  • For anyone who doesn’t fit the above category, sorry you’ll have to pay the suggested amount: $25. You can read about it here in more than five different languages. 
    • Or you can check out these NYC passes! They give you discounts around the city.
    • Or if you’re cheap (like me) or super sly, you can walk right in after the security check point and act like you know where you’re doing.
      • The best time to go would be during the crowds. Just blend in and avoid the men/women in black suits or people with black suits. 🙂

Navigating through the Museum

  • There’s about three floors
  • Thus, it’s easy to get lost so I would suggest the following:
    • Make it a 3 hour trip or better yet spend the whole day there! So, you’ll have the opportunity to get to see everything you like or discover something new!
      • (It’s a bit more complicated than say navigating through the American Museum of Natural History – another great museum to see, too! The Met just has so many secret passages and sections you can walk through. It’s like walking through a puzzle.)
    • Get a physical map once inside or memorize the map on its website beforehand!
    • And you can always bother the women/men in blacksuits if you’re lost.

Overall Thoughts

  • Definitely visit this place if you’re in the city!
  • It’s a magical place and one that lingers in your mind after you leave.
  • You get to see history come alive.

More photos of the this place!

Yes, that’s me – advance selfie to the rescue! This is the third floor.

The Following Photos Below Contain Ancient-Greek-Male Nudity!

A lot of art students were fascinated in sketching these ancient-greek statues! It’s almost like drawing from a live, nude model. By the way, this dude with the backpack was down with me photographing him.
Some guy meditating in front of an ancient-greek statue. I don’t blame him if he wants to be like him. This statue is a beast regardless of having no arms. (haha!) Kidding. He was just sketching him.
Oh, dang, we don’t get to see a lot of this swagger and confidence nowadays. ;P

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