2019: Audience of the Opera

This is the outside of the Metropolitan Opera. Also, I enjoy stalking photography. 😛

From time to time, or, rather whoever will pay for me, I enjoy going to the Opera!

This the interior of the Opera House. It’s minutes before we had to head to our seats. People’s eye sights were glued to someone, the wall, or their phones!

It’s a fun experience to dress up or just to people watch.

He is the bell-ringer. Or, the guy who lets all of us know that it’s time to get back to our seats by playing on this xylophone. He was pretty chill in allowing me to photograph him. I just found his job so fascinating!

Last Thursday, March 28th, with my parents we headed towards Lincoln Center in New York where the Metropolitan Opera was.

We watched Samson and Delilah. It’s a well-known Biblical story about how great a man’s strength is and how much faith he has in God.

One of the many doors of the Opera entrance except this door is hardly opened. I wonder if the concierge dude noticed that he was being photographed. 😉

So, most Operas (at least the ones in New York) have two intermissions. So, while outside during this intermission, a few people approached me and asked me for their photos.

I was surprised yet delighted!

I really enjoy the 100 Strangers Project & Challenge. So, this was another golden opportunity to ask these strangers who asked asked me for their photo to ask them for their photo! (That sentence makes perfect sense, haha!)

So, the following are photos from people I’ve asked to photograph!

Additionally, I took photos of people without their permission, something I like to call stalking photography ;P

Overall, I enjoy taking photos of strangers because we’re all human and it’s amazing to find how much we’re connected even if it’s just for a brief moment.

This lady approached me and asked me to take her photo on her iPad. And I gladly did. She said she was from Lima, Perú and was visiting her cousin who was going to be married. Also, she was a great sport when I asked for her photo in return.
A most sophisticated yet cool bunch! These two asked me for their photos and even though the lighting was bad I gladly did so! 😀
Oh, goodness. More stalking photography. Somebody just confiscate my camera, haha. ;P

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