2019: Old Bethpage Village Restoration

While here, there was also a Civil War Re-enactment going on. This was when the United States was at war with itself from 1861 to 1865. Many lives were lost from both the Northern and Southern States of America. This is a Union Soldier (actor) from the Northern States who was probably awaiting orders and was probably organizing mail and other important documents.

Last Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.

A woman here is weaving/sewing. This is her third season here at the village. She is using the sheep’s fur to make clothing. It’s a very intensive project to do, yet it seems like the outcome of all this weaving results into art.

This village features houses and lifestyles of 19th century Long Island. Most of these homes were made out of wood.

This is a Spinning Wheel – kind of resembles what Sleeping Beauty touched. ;P This machine would have been a sort of luxury and maybe only used in certain shops and worked on only by women.

This society in particular seems to have lived quite simply with just the one tailored shop or one hat shop you would just shop at. Neighbors all knew each other. And it was just one big community working together.

This seems to be a typical living room space. There would be a cradle with a baby taking a nap inside. Either the mother or some taker would sit on the rocking chair on the left and attend to the fire place or read a book or sew.

Anyway, it’s always a cool experience to step back in time and see what used to be the norm.

In many of these homes, there would be music rooms or rather concert halls. Someone like this man would be playing the fiddle or violin while others would play a keyboard. This was one of the numerous forms of entertainment, especially if the weather outside wouldn’t be ideal to explore.


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