2019: Long Island Comic Book Expo

This is Spider-Girl. I’m guessing from the animated movie. She was really flexible and cool in person.

Last Sunday at the Old Bethpage, there was a convention going called the Long Island Comic Book Expo.

My friend Rizuki, who is cosplaying as Minako Aino of the Sailor Moon Universe. She’s the one who got us together and organized this event.

Here a lot of cosplayers from various video games, anime, movies, TV shows, etc. showed up.

Princess Zelda – probably from the Hyrule Warriors video game version.

Also, there was a Scavanger Hunt and a Cosplay Contest. It was just fun to be a part of and to see cosplayers parading around and enjoying their time.

Overall, although cosplaying originated in Japan, I believe cosplaying is definitely seeping into our American Culture or rather it’s already a part of our culture. 🙂


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