2019: A Stroll through the City

The weather app forecasted a chance of rain. Thankfully, though, the blue skies stayed put.

In the mid afternoon my mom and I strolled through Manhattan through 10th and 9th Avenue away from the brewing crowds in Times Square. We just came from a Play about Filipinos and immigration called Felix Starro. And I wanted to be away from the mad-rush of people.

As we walked, red-copper colored apartments stood tall on both sides of the sidewalk with steps leading up to the entrance.

I found one woman seated, relaxing on one of these steps.

“Sure, “ she said, agreeing for me to photograph her. “How should I pose?”

I suggested she lounge and enjoy her latte.

She posed like it was a candid shot, her face and eyes for the camera and I really appreciated it now that I look back on this.

Besides the well-known hustle and bustle of this city, there still remain areas away from the crowds. A place where one can day-dream in solitude.

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