2019: Toledo – The Imperial City

Yesterday, my friend Claire and I visited Toledo – one of the many cities that contain historical medieval remains in España. It was a cultural center where Christians, Muslims, and Jews prospered together.

Outside of the Toledo Train Station. It’s so adorned. Dang, my own train station back at home doesn’t even have a building, haha.

As we exited from the train, this magical feeling filled the air. It brought a sense of wonderment and excitement. What is this magical place? Why haven’t we been here before?

If you enjoy hiking, you practically can walk to the entrance to this old city right from the train station.

You really could explore the place in one day albeit if you like hilly, cobbled streets and steps. All around us towers of stoned, khaki structures stood before us. And, I felt like each view was breath-taking, like taking a plunge into a pool on a hot summer day.

Santa María la Blanca (Or St. Mary, the White) Synagogue – where it used to be a center of Jewish Worship.
It’s less than 5 Euros to enter this museum now.

Plus, it’s an easy train ride from the city. Buy a ticket at one of the numerous purple kiosks at Atocha Station in Madrid and once you board the train, you’ll be there in less than one hour.

The entrance to the main Cathedral AKA La Catedral de Santa María. It’s more than 10 Euros to enter.

As the sun was setting casting a glow on the city, I had to say good-bye to this historical place, but one day we’ll meet again soon.


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