2019: A Tour of Salamanca and Ávila

Last Sunday, my friend Claire and I visited Salamanca and Avila. We went on a tour called Smart Insiders. And we got front row seats!

The weather in Salamanca was freezing. It reminded me of the upcoming bitter winters of New York. I was still hoping for some sunshine. But we were met with fog and rain.

Still, Salamanca was an impressive city.

 It was built before the time of Christ. Salamanca is also one of the oldest university cities in all of Europe. Its walls are made of white sand and have been bronzed over the years.  And nowadays it houses a population of 30,000 more or less students and tourists. 

This city continues to thrives.

Next on our list, we visited Avila. 

We only had about an hour to explore, but still we had an awesome arial view of the city while walking through the city walls.

A selfie of me on top of the medieval battlements.

And it  felt like we were transported back to the Medieval Times. 

Finally, after napping for an hour on the bus ride back to Madrid, Claire and I enjoyed some bubble tea to top the night. And we parted ways and promised to go on another adventure together.

Just another selfie of me posing on these historical structures of Ávila.

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      Susanna M. Bautista

      thank you 😀


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