2019: A Train Ride To Segovia

The other weekend, I met up with my friend Kelly and we took a train ride to Segovia from Madrid.

The train ride lasted more than one hour and we got scenic views of the arid, countryside. It reminded me of the wild, wild west – like we were traveling back in time.

Soon we arrived in the city of Segovia, the first thing we wanted to do was find a bathroom.

While walking through the city, it felt modern and plain. Like where’s the ancient stuff? I kept thinking.

Soon in the distance, we beheld the Roman Aqueduct that seemed to span on horizontally for a mile.

There was the Segovia that we had seen in pictures.

Cafes, restaurants, and even banks stood on both sides as we followed the path closer to the aqueduct.

Soon we were face to face with the monumental aqueduct that towered over us.

Tourists flocked from all sides yet all of us had a taste of this structure. It was breath taking.

This was a gated alleyway yet I wanted to go run through the fields behind it.

After several photo poses, we walked to Alcázar, which used to be a fort. It contained plenty of knights in armor and cannons.

Inside the Alcazar

Afterwards, we had to rush to get me a taxi because we bought separate tickets. I, unknowingly, bought a high-speeding train ticket and my friend just got the regular train ticket back home and they were both at different train stations. So, we were rushing back from the original train station to find some taxi. Then, we found a taxi-driver coming outside of a shopping market with bags in his hand.

An abbey around sunset

My friend almost like cornered him and asked: “Are you still taking passengers? Would you be able to drive to the other train station in less than twenty minutes?”

He said, “Yes,” like this was the easiest task ever.

Yet, I was panicking as my friend and I parted ways. I kept hoping through the drive toward the train station that he would drive faster. Plus, it didn’t help that I had school the next day.

Sadly, I didn’t take this photo but I did edit this. This is underneath the roman aqueduct.

Thankfully, the taxi-driver got me to the station in time and I ended up waiting for about ten minutes or so before returning home in chiller weather, yet we made it safely home from this adventure.


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