2019: Advanced Selfies at the Park

Inside Parque Retiro, Madrid, Spain

Advanced Selfie… what?!
The lovely Sorelle Amore coined the term Advanced Selfie. It basically involves you just taking a photo of yourself without anyone’s assistance and in any pose you like. Additionally, in a way, it goes beyond just taking a photograph of yourself. It’s about embracing the body you currently have right now.

The Backyard of Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

Alright, now I’m interested. How do you do an Advanced Selfie?!
Well, I’m so glad you asked! 😛

First off, get any available camera that you have – whether that is your smartphone and/or DSLR camera.

Random Dude: Uh, I don’t have a professional looking camera?!

Then a smartphone or any digital camera is just fine!

From there, find an object that can stabilize your phone/camera whether it’s a tree branch or somebody’s mailbox or better yet get a tripod. Amazon sells them for less than $20!

Once your camera is stabilized, just find your timer settings on your phone/camera. It usually ranges from two seconds to ten seconds depending on what gear you have.

From there, you just do whatever pose brings you joy, like jumping, reading a book, eating chocolate, etc.

Palace Grounds of Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

What I have learned from doing an Advanced Selfie
From constantly doing Advanced Selfies, I’ve learned to appreciate my body. I’m very thankful that I can still walk and breathe.

I used to always or at least for the most part avoid/dread cameras during family gatherings. Usually, I frowned or so. I was so insecure. And even when I did lose the desired weight, I still had that lingering insecurity and I thought about losing more weight.

I think this body insecurity stemed from a few factors: obviously, the celeberities and famous people who showcased their “before” and “after” bodies. Also, I had friends who commented on wanting to lose weight. And lastly, my family, especially my mom, was always worried about the way I ate and so.

But, now, I feel more secure than ever before and I feel like the Advanced Selfie further enhances the beauty that I have right now.

It’s truly a blessing from God that I made it this far! 🙂

Posing again in Parque Retiro, Madrid, España 😉

The following selfies have been taken on the Canon GX7 Mark II with a tripod from the palace grounds of Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria and Parque Retiró in Madrid, Spain.


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