2019: The Pidgeon Situation

That super-star!

My flight from Madrid landed in the New Jersey Airport right after 2PM, I found myself going through the usual security protocol: presenting my passport and declaring if I bought any Duty Free Items and waiting for my suitcase to arrive from the baggage claim.

From there, I bought a SIM card because I left my US one back in Spain. After that, I waited and waited for hours to head back home. None of my family were able to pick me up on a Friday afternoon for obvious reasons: traffic to die-down and/or still working.

Therefore, I lounged on the available chairs watching other travelers speaking in various languages besides English, like Jamaican and Spanish while going back and forth through the baggage claim.

I found myself reading up articles on how to improve my photograph. I watched YouTube videos, too.

Suddenly, in my restlessness, a pidgeon starts bobbing its head and doing the catwalk on the floor right by my side. It was quite the sight to see! People whistled at it and kids screamed and waved their hands near it.

“Only in New York…” one guy said.

The pigeon also flew around the terminal before it disappeared.

I’ll continue waiting for someone to pick me up yet I wouldn’t mind the pigeon making another scene or two. 😉


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