2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

My heart pounded. I kept looking back behind me. It was just the narrow hallway. Light only emanated from the broken, square glass windows and doorways.

The wooden floors were shattered. It was no longer the fine wood that held patients and doctors and nurses on their feet.

After all, this hospital had been abandoned since 1954.

A couple of days before New Year, I went to this Hard Hat Tour on Ellis Island.

From the late nineteenth century to the the middle of the twentieth century, Ellis Island served as an immigration and customs center.

Many of the immigrants that arrived from Europe had to undergo medical and mental procedures before entering into the United States.

Some had been sent to the psych ward while others had to be quarantined. Not only did patients live down these now abandoned hallways but also doctors, too.

However, the thousands and thousands of immigrants that arrived on this island, only two percent of them had been deported.

Overall, despite feeling a bit creeped out, I found this tour very fascinating. I’d definitely recommend this tour if you enjoy history and walking through a time capsule.


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