2019: Moroccan Dress Style

This is the dress I wore while riding a camel. The local happily posed his donkeys with me after I tipped him.

On the sandy beach, I found myself mounted on a camel, hanging onto the metal bars provided with the saddle. The camel strolled from side to side just two feet after the other two yet I felt like I was about to fall off.

Maybe I shouldn’t have worn a dress in the first place…

Last November, I had the golden opportunity to travel with the tour group Smart Insiders for a couple of days in the cities of Tangier and Chefchaouen.

While the dress code is more conservative than most Western Countries, Morocco seems to be more liberal than most North African and Middle Eastern countries.

Most of the local men wore jeans while others wore long tunic garbs. Some women wore headscarfs and long tunic robes as well at least when walking in the streets. The club is another story.

The most common garb I’ve seen men wear. It definitely looks warm and comfy. Don’t worry the chicken is still alive.

For the first day there, I wore a long, flowery dress and donned a pink scarf that I occasionally used to cover my head.

The following day in the city of Chefchaouen, I wore this Thai traditional skirt and just a matching tee shirt.

Literally, the walls and doors and buildings are all painted blue. Chefchaouen is definitely a chill city.

On the last day, I wore a traditional Moroccan outfit long tunic, short sleeves. It was still surprising warm. 🙂

Lastly, as for the camel situation, thankfully since I’ve ridden horses, I made it just fine through the ride and I would definitely ride a camel again – perhaps in the desert!


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