2020: Toledo Again

A view of the River Tajo from a bridge.

Last Saturday, I took another tour with Smart Insiders and we traveled to Toledo, Spain.

It’s one of my favorite cities. The city of Toledo was build on three cultures and faiths – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. About 1000 years ago, it also served as the capital.

Today, it still houses many of the architectures from its Golden Age (around the 11th century), such as a synagogue called Santa Maria painted in white and the grand cathedral, which is still under reconstruction as we speak.

A Self-Portrait of me by the Tajo riverside. It’s a nice vantage point of viewing the city up above.

This was my third time visiting this serene and historic city, and it just has this little magic to it.

So, this time around, instead of visiting the historical architecture, I walked down towards the River Tajo. Did you know that the Tajo stretches from Spain all the way to Portugal? It’s incredible. That makes it the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula.

Exploring outside of the city felt peaceful, just hearing the rush of water and the just view of the trees and hillside was absolutely breathtaking.

Until next time, I hope to visit Toledo again.

In the distance…

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