2020: A Journey to El Escorial

The Back Entrance to El Escorial

My friend from New York and I venture onto the train heading toward El Escorial.

Looking out the window, the sun has disappeared from the sky and so gray clouds loom over us. Passengers are glued to their phones, scrolling endless like trapped in an infinite white room. It definitely amazes me with what technology can do for us today.

Soon, the window displays the country side with the black and brown cows who roam on the green terrain and trees here and there.

I feel tired and hungry. Perhaps, I’ll buy a croissant at a cafe when we get there. I hope we will have the means to do so or at least the money to do so.

Once we arrive at the train station, I map out the direction to El Escorial and it’s another 30 minutes even for the bus! We are frustrated.

I remind myself that this is all part of the adventure and we walk towards the outdoor bus station. We pay the given fee and then sit back as the bus drives us closer to our destination.

Soon, the bus drops us off about 15 minutes away from the place. And we walk up this slanted hill. It’s drizzling and their is a fog in place.

Lately, the fog and gray skies have enamored me. Of course, I prefer sunshine. Yet, seeing an overcast sky evokes romantic feelings. It’s like a storybook coming to life.

I always like these types of columns! Fun seeing a sense of depth.

Soon, El Escorial greets us in the distance, shrouded in the fog. A magical feeling envelopes me, like I’m once again reunited with my beloved. I have ventured inside before, getting lost in its towering hallways, fascinated by the adorned bedrooms of the royal family of past, and being enthralled by such history kept alive!

Yes! More columns! 😉

Alas, only I have these sentimental feelings and so I just guide my friend to the gardens – at least it would be more spectacular to her.

A view of a pathway from the gardens. Alas, there is no way to go there. 😦

The gardens are still lovely as ever – quieter with less of a crowd and yet it still displays beauty and awe.

A Self-Portrait of me wandering through the gardens.

El Escorial – you delight me again!


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