Feeling Homesick

Avalon Park, Long Island

Maybe it’s that time of the month, but lately I’ve been feeling homesick, or rather I just want to be around some familiar faces.

I’ve been living in Spain since September and I have gone back to New York about two times – one for my brother’s wedding back in October and the other for the Christmas Holiday.

I know, I only have four months left – my teaching shift ends in June – yet it feels so long.

I think I’ve seen everything I needed to see in Spain. I do enjoy teaching and helping out in the classroom on the weekdays, and while I do look forward to the three-day weekends somehow lately I’ve been thinking: what am I doing with my life? Is this God’s plan and/or what am I going to do afterwards?

When I’m done in June, I definitely don’t want to step foot into another classroom. While the kids are adorable, it just gets overwhelming at the end of the day and I’m really better off tutoring just one student or two at most at a time.

Yet, I still want to make a difference. I guess I’ll still be making the most of my time while here.


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