Please Don’t Take My Tree-Tops Away

A tree-top next to the Prado Entrance in Madrid

I always loved trees. They’re all around us. They give us oxygen and shade. And they’re fun to climb.

Back in the summer of 2015, I remember that the evening had settled in and my then boyfriend named Shawn and myself at the time were in the parking lot just about to leave from our date.

There was one lone, huge maple tree. And for some reason, I was compelled to climb it – maybe I wanted to play hide and go seek. Anyway, I ended up inside the middle of the trunk, feeling secure like nothing could harm me.

Shawn soon joined me and made a Twilight book reference, something about vampires.

And somewhere between our conversations, he said: “I’ll never make you cry.” He then hugged me.

It sounded insincere and cheesy yet it’s one of the more romantic moments I remembered when I was with him.

Although we are no longer together (he broke it off towards the end of the summer), I’ll always regard trees as my refuge, something I can always run to.


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