Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

These self-portraits have been taken in El-Escorial, España.

I can’t help but see as I set up my tripod and steady my camera and press down the shutter that this all feels vain.

What do you think?

With self-portrait photography, I guess I want to showcase my beauty and my individuality – just me.

I fell in love with taking self-portraits, especially after learning and getting inspired by how Sorelle Amore has done it.

It not only documents where I’ve been, but it’s just the ultimate form of art – the ultimate form of expression.

Whenever, I feel guilty of posting of myself, I remind myself that this has been going on for years. Way before cameras, artists, such as Rembrandt, painted/sketched themselves.

Thankfully with the advent of digital photography, we can capture ourselves much more effectively.

Overall, Self-Photography has been so much fun and has been one of my favorite genres of Photography.

As Walt Whitman famously wrote in a poem:

~ I celebrate myself, and sing myself.


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