2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 2

A view from our AirBnB location in Albaicín.

Well, the hot water that day was non-existent along with the lack of toilet paper. So, my friend and I messaged our AirBnB host about the issue.

More random self-portraits at our AirBnB

He texted us how to adjust the hot-water yet we never received that batch of toilet paper.

Anyway, that day we wandered around more through Albaicín and we ended up entering into a convent. Although we weren’t allowed to photograph inside, we enjoyed touring through the many statues and several paintings of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, not only from España but also Perú and Italia.

The Grudge is reading. Ah! Run for yer lives.

It was amazing viewing the walls and roofs that lasted for over 500 years. I felt this spiritual closeness, too.

The entrance to the tea placed called Bañuelos.

After visiting the convent, we got some tea and met this cat that lounged with us. The tea place showcased a view of the towering Alhambra above us. Plus, we loved this place so much that we visited it two more times and drank tea and ate homemade carrot cake. And that really concluded our adventure.

Our new kitty friend.
Tarta de Zanahoria AKA Carrot Cake
A view of the Alhambra during a sunset.

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