2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

Inside the Garden of Eden. Er, I mean, the Generalife.

About a month ago, I booked tickets in advanced to enter Alhambra, which is known as the Red Castle in Arabic.

I’m just mesmerized about the amount of detailed put in these archways.

This is an example of Magnificent Islamic Architecture and this was constructed in the 11th century and was the home to the royal Islamic family up until 1492.

Today, I had the opportunity to walk through its breath-taking garden called Generalife. It was super huge and there were rows and rows of trees and gardens of flowers.

This part of the Alhambra has been preserved for many years with its pristine walls intact.

A self-portrait of me. We weren’t allowed tripods or selfie-sticks. At least, no one told us we could put our cameras on top of concrete walls. 😉

Back in college, I learned about this structure and so seeing it up close and walking through this very garden where past royal families have walked through brought tears to my eyes.

Outside of the Nazarid Palace around closing time. The guard had to yell at us to leave, haha. It was that peaceful

This is one of the most beautiful garden I’ve walked through. It’s truly the garden of paradise.

Have you visited this place before or plan to do so? I hope you’re well!^^

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