Road Trip to Granada: Day 4

I’ll miss exploring these streets of Albaicín.

This was our last day in our beloved city of Granada.

The day was windy and partly sunny. We strolled through parks that gave us an aerial video of the city and we had tea at our favorite place called Bañuelos. Our kitty friend was wandering around and greeting guests.

At Bañuelos: Tea called Embrujo (spell) de Granada and Tarts de Zanahoria (Carrot Cake)
Our Kitty friend who joined us for some tea.

We waited for our teacher friend. Although, he was delayed in picking us up for several hours, we played the card game Quiddler in the meantime.

We went to this public garden and there were a few peacocks hanging about.

All in all, Granada was an amazing, historical city. There’s so much to explore and so many delicious food options. I was sad to go back to Madrid, haha.

Well, while this city may be the end of an adventure, I pretty hopeful that we’ll experience more in the future!


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