2020: That Thing Called Cercedilla

The town Cercedilla is surrounded by mountains.

Sometime in early March, I met up with friends in Cercedilla, España. It’s about a one to two hour train ride from the capital Madrid.

Once I arrived there, I was greeted by the view of the mountains with a fog slightly covering the sky.

Who knew you could be styling with a riding helmet. 😉 Behind my self-portrait is the amazing view of the mountains.

It was refreshing to have the wind blowing on my face and to see the green field with cows and sparse trees.

Cows. Can’t live them. Can’t live without them. Well, maybe if you’re vegan. ;P

Marcos, one of the guides at the ranch, showed us the many horses. Some were purebreds while others were mixed blood. While all the horses were trained and brought up the same way, each horse walked/trotter differently based on their breed.

Soon, my friends and I got to ride the horses. Mine was a black stallion named Alvin and was sweating all over. I thought he was bathed recently but one of the owners said he was just sweating because it was hot where he was.

The trail was a bit rocky and there were many other riders besides us and we strolled one behind the other.

My friend Courtney with one of the ranch dogs.
The cutest and fluffiest dog I’ve got to pet.

I like horseback riding because I can reflect on my thoughts while I enjoy nature at the same time.

My horse Alvin.

After riding and rescuing me from a locked public restroom, Marcos dropped us off at the town and showed us a typical restaurant. And there we dined on tortilla, pork, and dessert dulce de leche and some flan.

Marcos – the horse whisperer.
iPhone 7 Plus Selfie. This is before the siesta.

Afterwards, we took a scenic route and then boarded the train back to Madrid. All was well.

We’re just trying to find the train station.

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