2020: Back to the States

A sunset view from my flight window. You literally could have your own row to yourself. There were so many rows to choose from. Also, I ended up watching three movies during this time: Joker, Jumanji: 2, and Frozen 2. (I don’t recommend watching sequels, haha! ;P)

All photos were shot on iPhone 7 Plus instead of the usual Fujifilm X100F.

Homemade Mask! My host-mom from Madrid made this one out of paper towels and tape.

I stood in a slight bow with my makeshift mask covering my nose and mouth as a man dressed in a hazmat suit pointed a purple-looking gun at my forehead.

He hit it twice and thankfully my current body temperature turned out to be normal.

In my world, this would be a shopping paradise. No lines or crowds.

So, on my flight from Madrid to New York, a lot of precautions had to be made. I constantly wiped down everything from screens and to my phone. I constantly washed my hands, too. It felt like I had some major OCD.

And I avoided people. If they dropped something, I felt so unkind and so not Christian for not picking it up for them. I didn’t want to contract anything and at the same time I didn’t want to give them anything that may have incubated in my body.

Airport Paradise. So, nice not to be around the push-and-shove crowd!

Once we landed in New York – JFK Airport to be exact – and had our temperature taken, it was smooth sailing from there. Customs usually would be packed with travelers, but once I walked there, it was like a ghost town. No wait or any trouble with the security.

We all had to fill out this form before leaving the aircraft.

My dad greeted me with a mask and latex gloves. He offered me some gloves and we ended up driving in separate cars before I ended up being quarantined in the basement with my cat.

All in all, just traveling back made me super paranoid and I’m praying and hoping that there will be no symptoms of you-know-what.

In the meantime, at least, I can go outside and enjoy the breeze.

My cat Belle has joined me for my two-week quarantine. I’ll try to avoid contact with her as much as possible. 😉

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