2020: My Daily Routine During Quarantine

My cat Belle, chilling in the plants. Shot on iPhone 7 Plus.


It has been almost two weeks that I’ve been quarantined in my parents’ basement on Long Island. I’m literally itching to get back inside my house to be with my family, my dog, and even the comfort of my own room.

About a few weeks earlier, I was quarantined in my shared apartment in Madrid. Then my parents got even more worried, especially since the cases and death count have been rising daily. So, they bought me a one-way ticket back to New York. (I mean, it’s not any better here, but I’m glad I can just be closer to my family.)

The world has become a truly devastating place. 

At the same time, I hope and pray that we can overcome it even if it’s just day by day.

So, this is just a loose schedule I go by. It can change at any given moment, depending on my mood and what the situation is like outside.  Just having this schedule has helped me cope during this period of isolation. 

Overall, I’m just glad to be back home!

The Schedule

The Morning Routine

  • The sun peers through my small basement window of the bedroom. I’m so glad to have days where I don’t have to wake up early. I just go do my job when I can.
  • I read the news on my phone and answer messages.
  • Once I have the energy and motivation, I get out of bed and freshen up in the adjourning bathroom.
  • I wash up my face, comb my hair, and put on my makeup. Following that I put on my best outfit for the day. I’ve been looking into different fashion ideas during this period.
  • Once I feel all done, I exit and I feed my cat Belle and I give her fresh water. (She has been drinking it lately, especially since I’ve put her on a new diet – AKA eating less kitty food.)
  • Then I eat my breakfast. Thankfully, my mom cooks me something or gives me some leftovers from the night before from a distance.
  • After eating, I watch my favorite YouTube channels.

The Afternoon Routine

  • This is the time when real work is done! Haha. 
  • I’m still working for the Comunidad de Madrid. (Thank God I still have a job!) Thus I’m keeping in touch with my teachers through WhatsApp. I’ve been giving them my podcasts and I’ve written transcripts and some follow up questions for each of them. Then the teachers send them out to the students. I’m really just enjoying doing that for work! Haha.
  • Also, I joined an online Memoir Writing Class on Gotham Writers. So, I’ve been working on my weekly assignments and I sometimes participate in the group topics when I can.
  • Around this time, I eat lunch. My mom sometimes gives me chips and maybe a veggie burger. Or, I end up cooking some ramen.
  • I continue to do more writing for my blog here. 🙂
  • Here and there, I read the online-news articles from Spain El País outloud. I’m mostly interested in reading about the Covid-19. 
  • Sometimes, I get distracted and I watch more YouTube videos or even Netflix. I feel guilty sometimes. Recently, I watched a reality TV Show called Love is Blind. Basically, it’s a social experiment. It’s like a speed dating method except the love interests talk to each behind the walls. And towards the later episodes, the couples after meeting each other and are at their weddings decide whether they want to marry each other or not at the altar. Woo! It’s kind of like watching a thriller, haha.
  • Also, I walk outside and play with my dog Cookie while wearing the proper gloves and I try to keep my distance. Gotta get my Vitamin D and some social time 🙂 

The Evening Routine

  • This is the time to wind down, but it actually ends up being a party, haha.
  • First, I eat my dinner. Thank God my mom gives me food.
  • Then I pump up the volume on my blue-tooth speakers and just dance to my favorite songs on YouTube. I even do some workouts like on PopSugar Fitness. 
  • After I’ve had my round of dancing, I once again wash my face and brush my teeth. I shower.
  • Then I turn on my Himilayan Salt Lamp and hop into bed. 
  • I read a book on my kindle and/or watch more Netflix or Youtube before I finally head to sleep.

Do you have a schedule? How are you coping with this period of social-distancing?


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