2020: Phase 3

Enjoying the fruits of summer.

Happy July! We made it. So far this is what I’ve learned during New York’s Phase 3 era:

  • The majority of folks are still wearing masks or at least keeping their distance.
  • It’s summer! I’ve had the chance to swim in my pool and I’m hoping to swim at the beach, too. 
  • Ice Cream! 🙂
  • I’ve been able to attend Mass and receive God within me – in a more physical manner. Amen!
  • Anyone outside of the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut States who enter those three states are required to quarantine themselves for at least two weeks. 
  • I’m a bit saddened that I can’t go back to Europe anytime soon. We’re on the “No-Go” List. After all, I was hoping for a European Romance, haha. However, I’m thankful that I can still keep in contact with my friends there through What’sApp.

Additionally, I’m applying to teach English online, so I can travel more widely. And, and! I’m in the process of writing some books – which will be a collection of my travel essays and Spain. I’m excited.

I hope you’re well and staying safe. 🙂

Another Selfie. 😉
Can’t say no to Mr. Softie. 😛

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