2020: Just Hanging Around Locally

Downtown where the wind real blows – uh, I was trying make up some lyrics.

“Where are we going today?” Mom asked me last Friday.

“Uh, I don’t know,”  I said. 

I was busy studying on my Macbook and had no intention of leaving the house for the day. Then a random idea popped in my head. “Okay, we’ll go to Port Jeff.”

Port Jeff is about a fifteen-minute drive from our place. Once there, the clouds were partly covering the sun and hardly anyone was out here. Still we covered our faces with our surgical, ninja masks. 

Here in this photo is one of the many ice-cream and candy shops. Kids and adults usually hang outside here, but today it was a ghost town. I kind of liked it.

Later that day…

Honk honk! We watched as the ferry from Port Jeff headed off and disappeared into the horizon AKA Connecticut. 

These days it has been hot and humid, which is more welcoming than the blizzards that usually happen in January and March. 

Anyway, lately, I’ve been applying frantically like a mad woman to numerous remote jobs and some jobs abroad – so far the latter wants me more, haha. I just want to be financially and independently stable. Also, I’m enrolled in this online proofreading course. While English is my native language, it’s a humble and informative experience just to re-learn grammar and punctuation. 

Overall, these months have been definitely difficult and definitely something I hadn’t anticipated. I get restless and nostalgic for travel on most days. However, all I can really do is just continue to stay safe, hope, and pray. Dios, ayúdanos. 

And I hope all is well with you. Continue to stay safe! 🙂


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