2020: At Sands Point Preserve

Dude, I don’t think the clock is working.

So, lately uncle ma and I have been driving around Long Island for local adventures almost every Friday. This time we explored the grounds of Sands Point Preserve. 

This preserve has been around through two major world wars and was owned by a number of prominent folks, such as Daniel Guggenheim. 

Additionally, the historical landmarks, in which one of them resembles a medieval castle, began to be built in the early 20th century. Its first owner was Howard Gould. Click here for more information about the place!

A self-portrait with a view of the beach.

Overall, I thought it was incredible to see and walk through this preservation; it’s remarkable at what is being done to keep this estate alive even after a hundred years. 

Just chilling at home. Don’t mind what’s behind me, just getting some renovations done on my lawn. 😉 
Yep, this is a self-portrait, too.

As always, we kept our distance while wearing our surgical, ninja masks, even the groundskeeper with their golf cart wore masks. We saw some folks dressed up walking and posing around. There are so many trails for you and your doggie or family and friends can explore, too.

Happy, safe traveling! And I hope you’re well, too.


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