2020: A Lady at Briermere Farms

Hello, stranger! I miss taking pictures of random strangers.

So, a couple of Sundays back, my family and I visited this placed called Briermere Farms on Long Island. They sells home-made pies along with organic fruits and veggies.

This young lady was courteous and sweet even after we ordered five billion pies from her: chocolate cream, peach, and strawberry-rhubarb pies.

“It is always this busy?” my mom asked her.

“Well, only on Saturdays.” She smiled.

We waited until we were called up

Although I miss taking pictures of random strangers, I thought it would be weird not to mention risky to go around asking people for their photos. They might think that I could  be further invading their privacy as this pandemic already has been doing. (I mean, I definitely feel like we’ve been not only anti-social but also anti-polite during this era.)

Social distancing while waiting on line. Sounds like a disaster!

However, I like knowing that we’re all connected to each other (I believe that we are made by God) and through taking photos of people I feel a bond even if it’s brief.

So, when I asked her, “Hey, can I take your photo? I take pictures of strangers.”

She was totally down with it. “Sure!” 

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