2020: Last Day of Summer

A couple of weeks, I strolled through Stony Brook Village with my dog Cookie.

We caught the sunset and watched several dog walkers go to and fro while we wore our masks and kept our distances. Life isn’t how it used to be since everything went haywire back in March.

Right here in the village was where a lot of happenings have occurred. The quiet village has been around since 1751. And it has been a place where I met up with dates, hanged out with family and friends, and I’ve often walked Cookie here.

Today is officially the last day of summer of 2020. Whew! What a year. What a year.

All things I’ve planed to do this year have been put on hold.

It’s tough because I wrestle with this idea. I feel like I’m constantly blaming this pandemic. Sometimes there’s no peace or, at least, an acceptance of this current reality. I can’t help but wonder “What if?” Well, that’s the writer in me.

As I reflect and live my day to day, this pandemic has definitely brought me back to my roots. I’ve grown up in these parts for many years – going to school, going shopping, going to eat out, going to see friends, going out on dates, and going out exploring.

This must be a reminder of how grateful I am even to have the means to travel, especially since I am a native speaker of English. I can literally live and teach English almost anywhere across the globe and that in itself is a blessing.

Well, as the days feel colder and the leaves transform into golden and redden hues, I do my part to live each breathing moment, giving thanks to God.


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