2020: King’s Park Asylum

These are the remains of the Kings Park’s Psychiatric Center, which was also known as The Psych Center.

(Get it? ‘Cause it causes you to be psyched about? *silence* Okay, never mind. Tough crowd anyway.)

According to Wikipedialand, from 1885 to 1996, these buildings mainly worked as a state hospital on this large property. This center was “revolutionary” at the time because it focused on egalitarian and agricultural activities for the patients, such as growing crops and feeding livestock as opposed to the overcrowding and medical procedures done in other asylums. Plus, it was further away from the cities.

Nowadays, this place is mostly desolate. Whoever is in charge is just letting the buildings decay and wither and join in nature once again.

While Cookie and I were here a few days ago, a security car was patrolling about and greeted us with a “Good Morning” and some guy, who was mowing the lawn, also greeted us with a “Good Morning.” Mostly anyone that I met here (within the given 2 meters or 6 feet distance apart standard) were friendly.

Yep, gotta do them selfies. 😉

Overall, I’m just fascinated with a world that used to exist. And this asylum is a remnant of that history.


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