2020: Responsibilities of a Dog Mom

A selfie of me by the Port Jeff Harbor while making sure Cookie was behaved. 😛 #dogmomlife

It’s always a joy to have my dog Cookie around when I’m traveling.

Besides making sure your wagging-tail friend is fed and sheltered, these are some other tips to be aware of when you have one of your mini or major field trips:

  1. Make sure your. doggy has a comfort/doggy bag.
    Some dog parks supply black plastic bags to stuff the extra helpings, but it’s always useful to carry one just in case.  Not all increments can hide well in the bushes. 😉
  2. Lil kids will want to pet your doggy.
    As a matter of fact, young women, older men, etc. will take an interest in your dog. So, if you’re not really the social type with strangers, well, then I wish you all the best. 😉 
  3. Your dog will be distracted (if s/he’s not properly trained).
    This is a no-brainer. S/He’ll chase after squirrels, mice, cats, and other moving objects – you name it. The playground extends outside of his or her home.
  4. You might get dirty, depending on what you wear.
    But, it shouldn’t stop you if you want to wear something nice. 😉
  5. You might need to take him or her to the vet.
    Anything can happen from scratches to biopsies. Just be prepared. 
  6. Overall, it’s a blessing to adopt and care for a dog.
    Sure, there are challenges. However, to have someone to comfort and who can comfort you is worth every moment.

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