2019: Hanbok Adventures

This memory was back in May of 2019:

Down the narrow street, I’m laughing and running. I hold onto the lower end of the hanbok – this yellow, poufy skirt, making sure I won’t flash anyone. But, it won’t be so bad. I’m wearing biker shorts underneath.

My two friend trail behind and our tour guide is catching up and even taking photos of us.

I’m laughing and some people gasp or just carry on like it’s normal.

It’s quite common to wear the hanbok – it’s a traditional garb of Korea, which is worn during ceremonies and festivities and was prominent during the Joseon Dynasty. Additionally, it’s very much accessible to the public. Many tourists rent one for a couple of hours and they can even wear one inside the many historical palaces – free of charge.

It feels princessly when you wear it. And it’s pretty flattering for all body types.

Before long, I slow down and my friends catch up. We take the streets together, celebrating in our hanbok.

Group photos! These ladies were having a grand time and it was infectious. 😉 If anyone can translate the Hangul above that would be great. Thanks. 😉

Photos were taken by Moon-Young and edited by me. 🙂


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