2020: Our Lady and the Saints

The Blessed Virgin Mary.

A couple of weekends ago, my mom and I ventured onto Our Lady of the Island, which is a mini pilgrimage and also a shrine for the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus and the mother for all us believers, too.

We went there to pick up a statue of the Mother as a gift for someone. And while there, we took a stroll through the Avenue of the Saints.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, Italia. The patron saint of civil defense volunteers and adolescents.
Saint Anthony of Padua, born in Lisboa, Portugal. The patron saint of lost items/people and the oppressed.

They were everyday people who lived extraordinary lives. Some lived with riches while others lived in poverty. But, they all had a great devotion to God and to Mary as well, aiming to live like Jesus, who showed compassion to every soul. That’s something as believers we strive to be – a saint.

Saint Patrick of Ireland. The patron saint of a lot of diverse countries. 😉
Saint Francis of Assisi. The patron saint of animals and merchants.

Some of the Saints we saw were St. Francis of Assisi, whom we asked for prayers to adopt a dog. I visited St. Therese of Lisieux, who was my patron saint at Confirmation. She hailed from France and she devoted her twenty-four years of living to God.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, France. (She was my patron saint at Confirmation.) The patron saint of missionaries and sufferers.

And I even visited one of the Christian Saints from South Korea: St. Andrew Kim Taegon, who was martyred for his Faith. Soon after the Avenue, we walked to the grotto where other parishioners were seated. It was serene, being surrounded by God’s beauty.

St. Andrew Kim Taegon of South Korea. The patron saint of South Korea.
I believe this could be Mother Cabrini. She’s Italian-American. She is the patron saint of immigrants and hospital administrators.

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