2020: Avalon Adventures with Cookie Dog

At the start of the trail. Cookie was ready to rock ‘n roll. 😉

Aloha! So, I’ve been swamped with work! (Thank God for having a job and an enjoyable one, for that matter.) This will probably be the last post for this year. But, I’m glad to have finally had the chance to post my latest adventures…

About a weekend or two ago, I took my dog Cookie to Avalon Park. A couple of days prior to that a blizzard visited us – so we had some left over snow to stroll around.

Ducks, geese, and swans get first dibs in this enormous pond-lake.

There were all sorts of dogs – from golden doodles to terriers crossing through the paved trail. Of course, we stood on the sides and let the other doggies and folks pass by us.

So, artsy. ;P

However, we did get some inquisitors about Cookie 😉

“What kind of a dog is he?”

“Is he a purebred?”

Cookie is a mixed breed, ranging from a Husky to a Border Collie to even a Swiss Mountain Dog. We adopted him about eight or nine years ago at North Shore Animal League when he was only six months old.

Epic snow licker.

Cookie can come across as intimidating, especially when he barks, but he is super loveable and he demands belly rubs.

Yet when he is on the trails, he is curious and he’s on a mission to sniff every bush. Plus, he goes crazy when he spots another dog within reach.

Oh, Cookie!

I’m so glad there isn’t an entrance fee, haha! ;P

Well, we ended the day and I gave him some doggie treats. Cookie and Mahal (my recently adopted puppy) will hopefully be friends in the future.  Right now, Cookie is kind of intimidated with the puppy. Oh, dear. :O

My recently adopted puppy named Mahal (AKA “love” and “palace”) from North Shore Animal League.

And I was sad to see Cookie go with my brother back to his own home. But, I’m glad to have spent the day with him. 

A selfie of me with Cookie. Goodness! I miss him already. 😉

Where do you go with your doggy? And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! 😀


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