A Stroll Through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

After shopping in the mega Japanese market store called Mitsuwa, I traversed through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. It stretches about 18.5 miles. And you walk by apartment complexes and some outlet stores and restaurants. But, just across the river, you witness the splendor of the city of New York with its towering buildings and skylines and lights – just like in the movies.

Yet, the majority of the walkers zipped passed me with their strollers or dogs on leashes. Perhaps to them, this walkway was just any every day occurrence – another stroll through the “park.”

As for me who is still learning about the area, everything was just awesome.

And while it did take me about an hour longer to head back to the apartment. It was worth the stroll.

How are you getting by these days? I hope you’re well and safe. Happy 2021! 🙂


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