2021: Mitsuwa in the Pandemic

In New Jersey, from time to time, I travel whether with friends or myself to the gigantic Japanese supermarket chain – mixed in with a food court – called Mitsuwa, which means harmony.

This was inside. People were lining up to this cutesy cafe with bubble tea and macron.

From my apartment about a week ago, I walked for forty-five minutes. When I got there, I along with many others waited on this long line that stretched out into the parking lot and even towards the waterfront walkway for about twenty to thirty minutes. (I’m glad to have brought extra layers of clothes. 😉

And once inside, nothing truly has changed. Sure, most of the cafeteria seats and tables were closed to the public, but the ambiance remained the same.

The workers were busy fixing the shelves with the latest snacks, and sushi and bento boxes were waiting to be consumed.

I was really excited.

In the cafe, a couple of ladies were baking Taiyakis. Also I saw these cutesy Yoda, Pikachu, kitty, and doggy macrons. So kawaii! I wanted to buy them just to look at them. ;P

Well, that was my epic adventure.  Would I return? Oh, definitely if I had a car.  😛

What Japanese food do you like to eat? I hope you’re safe and well. 🙂


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