2021: At the Beach

You can see a couple of properties not too far out. I was walking on its shore with my dog Cookie. We then heard a couple of gun shots echoing in the distance and Cookie definitely pulled back in the opposite direction.

Well, it’ll be a couple of months before springtime. Thus I’m enjoying the local nature around me – one of them being the beach.

I’ve been going often like every weekend. It’s not a long stretch of land, but it gives us a wide walking space that it’s worth the trip.

Plus, you can bring your puppy-roo from October 1st to March 31st.

So, as we are mostly unable to congregate and travel as in the past, I’m glad to have found a bit of a refuge here by the waters.

Not really part of the beach, but it’s a cool marshland nearby.

How often do you go to your local beach? I hope you’re safe and well. 🙂


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