2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Folks! 🙂 

This post isn’t really about travel-travel. But, I figured today is special since I want to thank God for all the love in the air!

During this time, I totally dream of venturing out into the world. However, waiting at home has made me think about what I want more in life or rather what I need more in life.

For this reason, I’m glad to have family and friends besides me even if they’re mostly in a virtual setting. And, I’m thankful that I adopted my puppy Mahal back in November. Not only did I rescue him, but he has given me a responsibility besides myself and I think that has made me act more selfless.

Also, I’ve been recently vaccinated (which I think God for!), but I’m still practicing social distancing and mask wearing. At the same time, I’m grateful that I can enter into supermarkets for the essential stuff with more ease.  

Additionally, I plan to go on more local outdoor adventures, especially since Mahal has been properly vaccinated and springtime is coming next month! Yeah, finally. I’ve been getting bored with all of this Winter, haha. 

Got any safe plans coming up? What are you glad for?

I hope you’re safe and well. ^_^


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