2021: Snowy Feelings

Well, it has been snowing several times a month here in the state of New York, which is both a blessing and an inconvenience at times.

In the past, I had to shovel snow and then head off to work.

Mahal might be the only one who’s really enjoying the snow. 😉

Thankfully, nowadays since I teach English online, I don’t have to worry about that hassle. Thus snow has become more enjoyable.

When it did snow, it painted a scene of bliss. Its splendor cannot be expressed with mere mortal words. 

But, dang, is it cold! I’m gonna move out somewhere warmer when this pandemic lifts. In the meantime, I’m just gonna have to chill.

Do you like the snow? I hope you’re well. 🙂 

Yep, more self-portraits of me! Gotta shake what I got even if that’s snow. 😉

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