2020: Behind Granada

With leisure travel closed for the time being, I feel pensive about one place in particular: Granada.

Back in March of 2020 before the pandemic, I was teaching English in Madrid, Spain. And on one of those weekends, my friends and I took a road trip down south to Granada.

We definitely visited the historical landmarks, like the Alhambra and the Generalife. Besides all of those historical places, I absolutely enjoyed traversing through the city as well.

Granada is mainly a fusion of Spanish and Moroccan cultures. So, that provided a lot of opportunities to explore the outdoor markets and definitely try out the cuisines and drinks. One of my favorite districts was the Albaicín. (If you ever ventured inside the Morocco cities, like Tangier, you’d definitely see some similarities between the two.) At night, music echoed on the streets with lights shimmering from the shops. You could hear the footsteps resonate on the cobbled, narrow streets. 

Who knows if I’ll be able to visit again. But, I’m just glad to have explored this city.


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